We welcome you to Love Won Out

We welcome you to Love Won Out, a Christian ministry where homosexuals can find understanding and acceptance in a community filled with the grace of God’s love.

Love Won Out is a program of the Focus on the Family where individuals dealing with issues of homosexuality can seek comfort, counseling, and guidance from our community of believers. We believe in administering our faith in God to be of service to our marginalized brothers and sisters who are facing homosexual issues, struggling with feelings of attraction towards the same sex, acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, and experiencing discrimination in our society.

Love Won Out is a ministry with a mission to reach out to our homosexual brothers and sisters. Through our programs and services, we hope to make them feel secured, loved, understood, and accepted. Our approach is faith-based and our teachings are from the Holy Bible as we hold on to God’s messages and promises for each one of us. We want to respond to their situation in a Christ-like way. Just as Jesus Christ loves all of us, we wish to extend that love and comfort to our homosexual brothers and sisters who find it hard to find love in this world that is quick to judge them because of their sexual preferences.

Love Won Out understands that homosexuality is a controversial issue. We seek to enlighten our society about the truths and reality of homosexuality. Aside from studying the Scriptures, we have conducted various studies and research to help us understand homosexuality. It is a convoluted issue that receives stigma and judgment from others whereas love and understanding should really be the answer. We are not put on this planet to condemn others. Rather, we should be instruments of God’s grace and spread His unconditional love to others. Because only true and unconditional love can transform the life of a person who has experienced so much pain from the treatment of family, friends, churches, government, and society.

To further strengthen its ministry, Love Won Out has partnered with different organizations such as God TV, National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, Family Research Council, Alliance Defend Fund, He Intends Victory, and Evangelical, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, and Jewish Churches to ensure a holistic approach and give the proper care and nurturing that homosexuals need. Love Won Out firmly believes that it takes a whole nation, if not the world, to fight discrimination against homosexuality and finally allow our homosexual brothers and sisters to live in their transformed lives freely and securely.

Love Won Out has organized a series of conferences in different parts of the United States to spread this ministry. If you or your loved ones are called by the Spirit to join us in our sessions and discussions, please check our site for the schedules, agenda, and speakers that we have invited to talk about the issue of homosexuality in accordance to God’s grace. You can register here for the conferences. We hope to see you out of your garage doors in Henderson as we hold our next conference there.

Please do check our site from time to time as we will be updating it with upcoming events and relevant resources and materials about our ministry. Let your spirit be refreshed with the inspirational testimonies of our members. We pray that God’s grace be always upon you and your family.