I am ever so grateful to Focus on the Family and God TV for the kind of life that I have now. I used to always be in the dark, hiding my true identity inside the closet for fear of hate and rejection. It was so hard not being able to express your true self in front of your family and friends. But I had this nagging fear that if I let them know the real me, they would not accept me for who I really am. So I pretended to be a straight guy. I engaged in sports and had a girlfriend to make my pretense believable. While I made my family and friends proud of what I had become, I was slowly dying inside. It was so hard because I cannot deny to myself that I wanted a different life, a different love. Indeed, it was hard to put up with the pretense. It was tiring and consuming all my energy. Until I admitted to myself that I couldn’t do it anymore. I was depressed and just wanted to withdraw from the rest of the world. I broke up with my girlfriend and stopped playing for the football team. It was the darkest moment of my life. I did not know what to do and how to answer the questions they threw at me. Until I found myself watching Focus on the Family on God TV. I was touched by their message of love, hope, and most of all, acceptance. I said to myself that I owe my loved ones the truth. I was resolved to tell them that I was gay because I knew that they loved me. And God has truly been gracious because my family and friends accepted me for who I really am when I finally told them the truth. Love is really the most powerful force here on earth. Most of all, the love and acceptance of our Lord are what we should hold on to all the time.