god's message

When talking about homosexuality, some people who call themselves followers of Christ turn to the Holy Bible and quote passages stating that homosexuality is a sin. Upon reading these passages, yes it is true that it is written that homosexuality is a sin. But there is also a multitude of sins stated in the Holy Bible, not just homosexuality. Some people may be quick to judge that since homosexuality is a sin then we should condone homosexuals in this world. But when we do so, we should ask ourselves if this is the Christian way of treating our neighbors.

Whenever I am tempted to commit sin, I always ask myself this simple question: “What would Jesus do?” A friend gave me a bracelet with this message printed on it and I have always worn it to remind me of how to treat my brothers and sisters in a Christian way.

For our message for today, God wants us to know that we are loved unconditionally – no matter what our sexual preferences are and no matter how sinful we are. The world can be a harsh and even dangerous place. It is full of discrimination and hatred. May we not be instruments to further ignite that negativity and instead, spread love and understanding to others. If God loves us all then who are we to withhold love from others just because of their sin or sexual preference? Remember, Jesus has died to conquer all the sins of mankind.

So, you see brothers and sisters, it is not about looking at homosexuality as a sin and discriminating homosexuals right away. There are so many layers of an individual’s personality and we should not let his or her sexuality define his or her whole being. As Pope Francis himself said, we should embrace our homosexual brothers and sisters and accept them in our society. Truly, what the world needs now more than ever is love.